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High Mast

The High Mast, offered by us, is a tall pole with lighting attached to the top pointing towards the ground, usually but not always used to light a highway or recreational field. The pole that the lighting is mounted on is generally at least 30 metres (98ft) tall (under this height it is referred to as conventional lighting system), while the lighting consists of a luminaire ring surrounding the pole with one or several independent lighting fixtures mounted around it. Some units of High Mast have the lighting surrounded by a circular shield to prevent or reduce light pollution or light trespass from affecting neighborhoods adjacent to the highway. Maintenance of our High Mast is done by lowering the luminaire ring from the mast head to the base using a motor to the ground or at a height assessable by a cherry picker and located in areas to allow for easier access without disrupting traffic. We can provide single longitudinally welded High Mast on request.


  • Lantern carriage has a 3 point suspension system with perfect balancing.
  • The double drum, winch has a compensating disc, by virtue of which the tilt of the lantern carriage can be straightened without lowering the carriage ring.
  • The 3Pulley system is provided with guide to prevent wire & cable slip off in any position.
  • Torque limiter and limit switch provided for self motor trip off during docking of lantern carriage.
  • The High Mast is hot dipped galvanizing in single dip process up to 14 meters long sections.



  • Mast Structure : Our high mast is continuously tapered, polygonal cross section of at least 20 sides, presenting a pleasing appearance which is based on proven in-tension design confirming to the technical report no. 7 – 1996 of the institution of lighting engineers. The structure is suitable for loading as per IS 875 (Part 3) 1987.
  • Construction : High mast is fabricated from steel plates confirming to BS-EN 10025, cut and folded to from a polygonal section, Masts are in two sections for 16 & 20 meters and in three sections for 25 & 30 meters heights having only longitudinal weld confirming to BS 5135 / AWS. The High Mast is provided with a fully penetrated flange which is free from any laminations or incursions. The welded connection of the base flanges is fully developed to the strength of the entire section, the base flange is provided with supplementary gussets between bolt holes to ensure elimination of helical stress concentration. For environmental protection of the mast the entire fabricated mast is Hot Dip Galvanized (Single Dip) internally externally, having uniform coating thickness of 85 / 65 microns for bottom / top sections respectively.
  • Door Opening : An adequate door opening is provided at the base of the High Mast. The opening is such that it permits clear access to equipment like which, cable, wire rope, plug & socket etc and also facilities easy removal of the which for servicing. The door opening is complete with a close fitting vandal resistant allen key locking with provision for external lock, the door opening is carefully designed and reinforced with adequate steel section so that the mast section at the base is unaffected, and undue bucking of the cut portion is prevented under heavy wind condition.
  • Accessories : The R & L system will comprise of a double drum, SS wire ropes, head frame and lantern carriage. It does not require any brake or clutch and a lifting capacity of SWL 750 kg. It has gravity operated pawls to ensure safety. The wire ropes are of stainless steel grade A/A/316 with minimum 6mm diameter & 7/19 construction its central core is also SS and have a minimum breaking strength of 2350 kg. The power tool integral / external type is suitable for handling the total head load. It has a mechanical torque limiter to ensure safety and also a manual handle is provided.
  • Dynamic Loading  :  Our High Mast structure is designed to sustain an assumed maximum reaction arising from wind speed as per IS 875 (Part 3) 1987 (three seconds) which is measured at a height of 10 meters above ground level. Our standards masts are suitable for a wind speed of 180 km/hr (50mtr / sec). We can also offer masts suitable for a wind speed of 225 Kms / hr (62.5 meter/ sec).
  • Metal Protection : The entire mast shall be hot dip galvanized after fabrication, internally and externally in accordance with BSEN ISO 1461 or equivalent. Our zinc bath of 14m x 1.05m x 1.15m is capable of single dip hot galvanizing which ultimately gives better finish & long lasting.
  • Mast Head Assembly : The pulleys shall be large diameter, appropriate to the multi core flexible cable being used. They shall be of non corrosive material and run of self lubricating bearings with stainless steel spindles. Arrangements shall be provided to ensure that the electric cables & steel wire ropes are separated before passing over their respective pulleys grooves. The pulleys shall be housed in a chassis integral with a sleeve which slips over the top of the mast and is secured axially. Guides & stops shall be provided for docking the lantern carriage.
  • Winch : Winches shall be completely self-sustaining without the need for brake; spring clutches which require adjustment, or which can be attected by moisture or lubricant. The gear ratio is 53: 1 or 50: 1. The winch shall be self lubricating by means of an oil bath. The winch shall be designed to be installed or removed through the door opening. Winch drums shall be grooved to ensure a tidy rope lay. The winch shall be capable of operation by hand or power tool.
  • SS / GI Wire Rope : SS / GI wire are flexible 'marine grade' stainless steel of 7/19 construction. Thimbles & terminals are of compatible material. Eye bolts and bulldog grips are not used for adjustment of individual ropes on multi-drums winches.
  • Earthing Terminal : Hot dip galvanized heavy duty pipe finial is supplied along with each mast. A 12mm diameter stainless steel stud is attached to the mast structure at a convenient point within the base compartment to provide a lightening and cable earthing point.
  • Lantern Carriage : The lantern carriage is of durable steel tube designed to act as an electric conduit with cable holes fully protected by grommets. It is fitted with junction box mounting plea. It is in halves jointed by bolted flanges to permit removal from the erected mast.
  • Foundation Bolts : Guaranteed performance high tensile hot dip galvanized holding down bolts are supplied complete with anchor plate for casting into the foundation. A precision made steel template with precise holes to ensure correct vertical and horizontal bolt alignment is also provided.
  • Cable : Multi core, flexible, round & sheathed cable provided with metal cased plug and socket with guard ring terminates in the base compartment. At the mast head cable is connected through suitable PVC gland to weather proof junction box fitted on lantern ring.
  • Lightening Arrestor : A suitable lightening arrestor is provided on top of the head frame cover at centre position.
  • Feeder Pillar Box : Feeder pillar boxes are made by power coated sheet metal panel consists of contactor, MCB & the timer of operating the luminaries and power tools.

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